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How to Make French Meringue Topping for Pies

Easy French Meringue Recipe with tips to make it perfect and fluffy every time!

I love meringue so much, cause it is a perfect topping for lots of pies and tarts, like lemon curd pie or chocolate meringue pie, it can be used as a base for desserts, like meringue roulade or fruit pavlova. It is easy to make, what is very important for me, or looks and tastes great.

There are 3 basic merungue recipes: french (the easiest one), Italian and Swiss. Today I’ll show you the first one, the French recipe, that is the easiest one, with only two ingredients: egg whites and sugar. But you’ll love it!



  1. 5 egg whites
  2. glass of sugar (200-220 gr)


1. Separate your eggs while they are cold and then allow them to come to room temperature for the fluffiest meringue.

2. Always make sure the bowl you are using is scrupulously clean. Wash it and then wash it again just to be certain if you have to. And make sure it is dry, cause if you’ll have there a bit of water, you won’t manage to make the meringue.

3. Start to whip egg whites on the average speed. I usually start with 4-5 out of 7.

4. Add sugar gradually and whip whites all the time until it became soft pickes.

5. turn the highest speed for about 2-4 minutes until picked become smooth and glossy look. Look at the picture below, to see the result.

6. Place meringue about 4 inches under the heat and bake for about 10 minutes, just until the peaks have turned golden brown.

7. If you want to make your meringue more stabile, you can add cream of tartar – about 1 table spoon.

Try to make this recipe and give me a comment how you like it.

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