Breakfast idea you’ll love -croissant sandwich

I first meet a croissant sandwich in Vienna several years ago, and it becomes one of my favorite breakfast ideas! I hope you’ll love it too=)

Do you love sandwiches? I bet yes=) Everyone do!

I love them because we can make it with whatever is in your fridge, you just need a loaf of good bread!

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Today I want to present to you new way of making a sandwich with croissant instead of bread. Oh, you will love it!

I love sandwich croissants for a bit more sophisticated taste and the smell. I usually make croissant sandwiches on Saturday morning, when I can go to the shop near my house to the fresh croissant just out of the cooker. The fresh warm butter croissant has this amazing smell and when you take a bite it is crispy outside and so warm and soft and buttery inside.

What do you need?

  1. Super fresh warm croissant. I’m lucky and I have a great croissant every morning the the shops just near my house

2. What to put inside?

The best part about sandwichies, is that you can put anything you have in the fridge. Today I have:

Today I have:

  • a creamy cottage cheese with herbs
  • a prosciutto
  • a yellow cheese
  • and arugula

Here you can find some other recipes of the croissant sandwiches for inspiration:

Perfect croissant sandwich breakfast atmsfere

On weekdays I have no time to make a beautiful breakfast, it is usually just a quick eegs with normal sendwich, so on weekends I’m trying to make breakfast a bit more spesial=) Do you do the same?

So, to make this breakfast perfect, I put some french music. I usually just turn the Spotify on and looking for some “French case playlist”. And of cause – coffee. I prefer the black one. Mmm. Doesn’t it sound great?

croissant sandwic

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